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    CALIDAD Gas Cook Top Cleaner for Induction, Hob, Gas Stoves I Removes burned on Food, Grease & Grime residue. (250 Ml)

    • Enhance the natural beauty of glass cooktop surface in your kitchen with the Calidad Glass Cook Top Cleaner. it is engineered with a streak-free, non-abrasive formula to clean, shine & protect all glass cook top surfaces without scratching or damaging your appliance.
    • Keep Your Glass Cook Top Gas Stove Sparkly Clean: Specially formulated to help you take good care of your glass cook top appliances in your kitchen, our Glass Cook Top Cleaning solution will effectively remove all traces of burned on food, grease, grime, fingerprints or watermarks in just a few minutes.
    • Complete Cleaning: Calidad Glass Cook Top cleaner is an eco-friendly cleaner with no harsh chemicals perfect for cleaning your appliance on routine basis. It effectively dissolves tough, stubborn soil and removes heavily burned on foods, grease & residue. Perfect for extensive cleaning of your glass cook tops.
    • Ultra-Convenient Cleaning: Our Glass Cook Top Cleaner spray is easy to use for frequent use. Just shake the bottle, spray the cleaning solution on microfiber cloth as provided with the product and then wipe the surface.
    • Easy Yet Effective: Calidad Glass Cook Top Cleaner is made from a gentle yet effective non abrasive formula that instantly cleans, shines and protects glass cook top ranges in quick and easy steps.
    • Powerful and Safe: Calidad Glass Cook Top Cleaner is nontoxic, non-corrosive, streak free and leaves no harmful chemicals which makes it safe for use. Our microfiber Cleaning Cloth helps to trap and lift dirt and gives your home appliances a long-life span.
  • Brand:CALIDAD
  • Uom:PC
  • Length:8.5
  • width:5.5
  • Brand Part Code:NIL
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Price : ₹ 250
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